SENOPLAST® Austria – as a pioneer and technology leader in the highly complex extrusion production process, it is possible for them to constantly react to new demands from the world markets by providing innovative solutions. The SENOSAN acrylic films continue to meet the needs of current design trends and enriches the furniture markets worldwide.

Their new generation scratch resistant coated acrylic films speak for themselves due to the great depth effect and improved scratch resistance which applies to all colours including the metallic colours. The major investment in a new extrusion line with in-line coating has enabled them to achieve this brilliant effect.

In order to ensure the tried and tested SENOSAN quality, production of the high value furniture films are carried out exclusively under “clean-room” conditions. Therefore the advantages of our product over others in the market are
quite clear:

•    Excellent scratch resistance, scour resistance
•    No polishing required after removal of the protective film
•    Increased UV resistance and stability
•    Excellent chemical resistance

HPL is typically constructed of several layers of high quality kraft paper, a layer of décor paper with a solid colour or printed design, and topped with a protective wear layer that can also carry printed design accents or metallic or other inclusions.

The kraft layers are generally impregnated with thermosetting phenolic resins; the decorative and wear layers are saturated with thermosetting melamine resins. Because HPL sheets are pressed individually, many different designs and colours can be offered. Textured press plates may be used to control gloss levels, or impart textures that mimic stone or natural wood surface designs.

Normally specified for high-use applications like counters, desktops and kitchen panels, LITESPAL is laminated over a variety of substrates and thicknesses but usually on MDF. HPL is easily laminated and is available in Single and Double face options.



The world is not smooth. It is harsh. It has rough edges, which fascinate us because they let us feel depth and authenticity. KAINDL has taken nature as an inspiration to create impressive surface experiences.

KAINDL board surfaces leave a lasting impression by high resistance, production quality and authentic structures. NATURAL TOUCH is based on an innovative synchronization technology, which adapts the surface structures exactly to the décor images. You can hardly tell the difference compared to genuine wooden products, neither visually nor by touch. KAINDL is the world’s first manufacturer in bringing synchronized decors to both sides of the boards with NATURAL TOUCH. Embark on a journey of sensory discovery with our KAINDL board collection.

UV-Ultra Violet Coating is an Acrylic adhesive based decorative lacquer which is cured by Ultra Violet rays in a series of closed chambers. UV Coating is a very polished, lustrous coating applied to a panel surface which is Melamine impregnated. The process of UV drying makes the end product Emission Free.

The UV lacquering is a fully automated, synchronized PLC controlled process. The lacquering line with a length of 120 meter is aided with a series of online pumps, doctor rolls and double roller coaters that ensures precise and uniform lacquer spread on the width format of 1220mm. The lacquered panels are then cured through a series of UV light curing chambers for hardening and the surface texture with a High Gloss finish.

UV Coated MDF Panels are ideal for application in cupboard and kitchen doors, furniture panels, wall panelling, partitions and a host of applications that shall fire the imaginations of designers and users alike.