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June 2020

SenoSA – Anti-fingerprint Technology

Introducing the NEW ANTI-FINGERPRINT Supermatt surfaces from senosan® “These new supermatt surfaces with anti-fingerprint effect offer the same high quality surface features as the high gloss furniture [...]

SenoSA – Kaindl Surface Structures

“Always a step ahead..." “This motto is a fixed component of Kaindl's corporate culture.That's because we are continuously improving our product world.” - Kaindl Austria Seno SA [...]

June 2019


Keeping up with the latest international textured trends, Seno SAhas brought in the elegant Leguan Bianco Gloss from Sibu Design. The Leguan Bianco Gloss joins the Black [...]

November 2018

SenoSA – Marble is back!

Think outside the Block and use our 3mm Marble Gloss acrylic finishes in your next creation. Perfect for use on kitchen and furniture doors, exposed panels, TV [...]

September 2018

SenoSA – Oneskin

EXCLUSIVE AND UNIQUE HIGH QUALITY LACQUERED BOARDS Seno SA would like to welcome our new Oneskin Collection. Oneskin has been created to supply worldwide markets with high [...]

August 2018

SenoSA – Exclusivo & Sibu

EXCLUSIVE AND UNIQUE HIGH QUALITY PANELS Seno SA would like to introduce our new Exclusivo Collection. This range comprises of unique finishes sourced from many different suppliers [...]

July 2018

SenoSA – Waterproof PVC Boards

SENO SA imports 100% Waterproof PVC Boards There is a demand in our industry for waterproof boards, our new PVC BOARDS fit these requirements. It is a [...]

June 2018

SenoSA – KAINDL Steals the Show!

Majority of the European Kitchen manufacturers haveset the trend with the latest DP (Deep Painted) finish from Kaindl Austria at the recent Euro Cucina Expo in Milan, [...]

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